Avant garde, no?

G'day Gentle Reader!

I awoke this morning to find my car covered in ice.

"Hmmm..." I mused, "Perhaps cruel mistress Winter has arrived, her frosty blue breasts barely concealed by the low cut of her sweater."

This thought excited me somewhat, but let's move on! And fast!

I got into my car (where I feel safest of all!) and started the engine.

And thus, we were off on a magical 45 minute trip!

Lalalalala... there were some rabbits, and there were some daisys, and there was some lovely gween gwass and there were some cows.

"Good morning, friendly roadside Cows!" I called out to them.

"Mooooorning," they replied.

And then, I saw it... As I began my descent into the Valley part of the Latrobe Valley...

Death. Fog.


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