Avant garde, no?

Ah, Gentle Reader, there you are!

As I reported about six posts back, West Australian Neo-Nazi and Synagogue Vandal Ben Weerhym is not the biggest fan of Cam Sexenheimer.

I'd made Ben vewwy angry by (quite rightly) accusing him of leaking details of the Stormfront West Australia May BBQ, in order to... what... disrupt the launch of National Front West Australia?

Now, that's not sporting, you washed up ANM hack!

Having been exposed, Ben was hopping mad.

He wrote to his young Kiwi friends in the National Front Youth MSN Group, and asked for a little help...

"From: aussie_patriot77 (Original Message) Sent: 11/05/2005 11:47 a.m.
Greetings all.

Hopefully this message finds you all well.

INfo is needed on a particultarly arrogant, offensive and treacherous
The name of the person is "Cam Sexenheimer".
He runs this blog site: http://cam.bluexo.net/blog
He is extremely obnoxious and is a total lefty wacko that associates with
Matthew "Darp Henderson-Hau.


If you or you think you may know someone who may know more about this
character, do not hesitate to contact me, Info like, phone number, address,
PHOTO, comings and goings etc etc.
This message has been sent out to a number of others.


Well, I did know someone who knew some more about this character, and that person was Edward Tee.

Have you met my good friend Edward Tee?

He gets around a lot.

New Zealand National Front members might remember him as the guy that found out they were flying Jim Saleam over for a wine and cheese night.

Patriotic Youth League members might remember him as... well, I just read a lot of their xenophobic neo-nazi twaddle, no real results there.

Ben Weerhym will remember him always as the guy who he agreed to have sex with in exchange for more info on Cam Sexenheimer.

I bring to you, courtesy of the ever-suave Edward Tee...


From: "Edward Tee"
To: aussie_patriot
Subject: Sexenheimer
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 05:34:18 +0000


I saw your message about Sexenheimer on his stupid website... God, he's an annoying cunt, isn't he? I had to go to school with him for four years. Two words, mate:

Flaming Faggot.

The bloody cocksucker couldn't go 2 minutes without copping a feel... no idea where he lives now - he dropped out in year 12 to take off with some 15 year old. but here's his mobile:

(phone number redacted - twas the number of a wellknown Eastcoast based neo-nazi)

Give him hell, but THIS DID NOT COME FROM ME, yeah?




From: "aussie Patriot"
To: Edward Tee
Subject: RE: Sexenheimer
Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 17:35:39 +0800

Gday Ed.

Excellent! Thaks heaps for this info!
What a loudmouth cocksucker he is!
He is just asking for a hit to the head, he is so piss weak that he didn't want his face shown in photos!

You went to school with him!?
Whats his full name, I need anything and everything on him!
Your help will be greatly appreciated and in very strict confidence - I delete all messages of a delicate nature immediately after I have read them.


From: "Edward Tee"
To: Aussie Patriot
Subject: RE: Sexenheimer
Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 11:03:11 +0000

I've been asking around for you, man... lots of people really hated this guy, he'd never shut up in class.

Name: Cameron Cohen
Age: 22
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Sex: Faggot

Partner's name is James Something.

Hope this helps... give the cunt hell.




From: "aussie Patriot"
To: edwardtee@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Sexenheimer
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 12:22:45 +0800


Excellent stuff, thats what I'm talking about mate.
That mobile number wasn't his, do you think you could find it out?
Other details would be good too - his address/phone, any of his parents deatils.
Cohen is a real Jewish elite name, supposedly descendants of the high Rabbis of aincient jewry.

Hear from ya soon hopefully.


From: "Edward Tee" <edwardtee@hotmail.com>
To: aussie_patriot
Subject: RE: Sexenheimer
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 12:14:21 +0000


That wasn't his mobile? Cunt must have sold it. He always had to have the flashiest shit and he wasn't afraid to show it off either. You know how some people are.

I'll see if I can get his new number but probably the only people who know it are his art class mates, and they don't really like me very much. I'll try and get an address too, but don't hold ya breath... what's all this about anyway? you gonna finally finish the cunt off? good luck to ya!




From: Aussie Patriot
To: Edward Tee
Subject: RE: Sexenheimer
Date: Thursday, 19 May 2005 4:14:34 a.m.


I thought you knew why I am asking.
The info gathered on him is to add to the Redwatcdh Downunder database. Haven't I told you about it? I am getting a redwatch Downunder intelligence gathering group slowly geared up and off the ground. I have gotten about 20 odd people from all over Australia and New Zealand thus far and have since gotten positive replies from people who are keen to help out, it's great. The following is a generic introduction that I send out to people that have just joined the group, check it out, you should already be familiar with alot of it anyhow.

If you know any others here in WA that would be beneficial to the group, by all means, get them to email me at this address.

Generic introduction message:


If you have received this message, we have spoken about you joining Redwatch Downunder intelligence gathering group. This is a nationwide group and also concentrates on left wing activists in New Zealand. People from all over the two countries will be gathering information on these people of interest and the information will be relayed directly to chosen patriotic activists.

As much information gathered as possible is the prime interest like:

phone numbers
addresses, associate names
car discription
car registration
place of work
place of study
anything else of interest.

This information is vital in the interest of protecting patriotic activists and members of the Australian public from their commonly used smear campaigns, slander, intimidation and violence - keeping an easily accessable database of details of these people is a way to hold them more easily responsible for any illegal actions they may undertake.

Ever two weeks, I will fire out some names along with as much information I have been able to gather. Next, you are asked to fill in or find out as much information as possible to ass to the intelligence already gathered.

On top of this, it would be greatly appreciated and greatly beneficial for you to keep your eyes open for flyers, rallys, functions etc held by communists, "anti-facists", anarchists, homosexuals, multiculturalists etc. If you have a camera, take photos of people you may think would be of interest. Try to glean information about the people, ask questions, get involved even!
Relay whatever you find back to this email address, once the Redwatch Downunder site is launched then an new email addressed will be launched dedicated especially to Redwatch.

At no time are your to EVER break the law or do something that you think might be breaking the law. We want everything legal and above board! This way you will not run into trouble or cause trouble for the group and it's interests.

If you have any queries then just ask and I will reply.

Love and Kisses.


Yeah, it's in case somebody slanders them... not so they can come round and have a "boot party."

I'm sure knowing the make, model and registration of my car has nothing to do with the ANM's proud tradition of firebombing the shit out of stuff.

Ben also sent me the Redwatch Downunder files so far. They are paltry, to say the least...

Of the FOUR people Ben has the goss on, there was only one real name...

And the scoop on me? Nothing we didn't already know...

Name: Cameron Cohen AKA Cameron Sexenheimer
Location: Eastern suburbs of Sydney
Age: 22
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Sex: homo

Partner's name is James Something.

Oh, wait. Eastern suburbs of Sydney? WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT LITTLE TIDBIT COME FROM?

Yeah, the victorian rep of Fight Dem Back lives in fucking Bondi. Nice going, sparky.

As regular readers of this internet webdiary are well aware, while I'm not actually gay, I am pro-gay rights or whatever...

That's right, Ladies! I'm heterosexual AND progressive... I'm a capricorn and I enjoy long walks on the beach. Give me a call now... I'll be here all night.

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