Avant garde, no?

Hello! I've got comments spam agogo... around 70 or so comments for something called Jsvelho Payday Loans...

But who are Jsvelho Payday Loans? And what should I do.

I'm tempted to just use the retroactive swear replace to change "payday loan" to "scam" or something like that... but...

Their fucking website doesn't even work!

What sort of half-arsed operation is this?


Props to Eli for inventing the Despamulator. That takes care of THAT problem.


So who are these cats?

A search for Jsvelho comes up with a LOT of comment spam... but nothing actually about them.

Payday loans are a great fucking way to lose a lot of money, though... There's not much to write about here, really... Payday loans are bad... so what?


I've been finding it increasingly difficult to blog regularly, what with all the anti-fash bizness: www.fightdemback.com

And when the anti-fash bizness comes onto the blog, apparently it can be "confusing" for those who... oh, I don't know, haven't been here before.

For example, the following passage from the post entitled "Another bright Toorak morning"...

"What's wrong, my homosexual lover?" he asks, "Come back to bed."

"Nothing, honey," I reply, "I just like to look at those idiots and laugh. I'll slit my wrists again before I work for The Man!"

"Why don't we put a Staind record on our very cool retro turntable and make sweet homosexual love?" suggests Jerome.

...might give the impression that I'm some sort of emo anarchist homosexual Toorak resident.

There's nothing wrong with being an anarchist, or being a homosexual... but the fact is, I'm none of those things.

We believe in FULL DISCLOSURE here at Sexenheimer Industries.

But it's fucking hilarious watching Ben Weerhym flounder around trying to work out who I am.


Anyway, I'm off to a party in Tooradin... I haven't been to fucking Tooradin since Grade 2, when I almost died sinking into some quicksand.

Luckily Mr. Barr was there to save me!

Ah, Mr. Barr... that takes me back through the fucking mists of time.

He was probably a good teacher, but my memory of him is this evil bearded man with a cardboard roll that he'd use as a telescope when he was singling someone out. He gave me a week's detention once, for jumping on some popcorn on the ground outside.

A week's detention!

Fair enough, eh?


The punishment did not fit the crime, no way, no how... FOR TWO YEARS LATER, I got into a fight at school.

Not only did I get into a fight at school, I got into a fight IN CLASS, IN THE MIDDLE OF A LESSON.

And for this far more serious crime... I GOT ONE LUNCHTIME'S DETENTION.

Anyway, I'm off to Tooradin.

Later, suckahs.

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