Avant garde, no?

Luke Connors, media officer and Victorian rep for the Patriotic Youth League, says a lot of stupid things.

As the Media Officer for the PYL, it's his official job.

Things like:

"when whites are a minority, how friendly and tolerent will non whites be then?"

.... Um... pretty much his entire blog. It's hard to find one part that's stupider than the rest.

But this one really takes the cake... On the PYL forum, our young OzIrishBoy says:

"There is a hotel in the CBD that plays host to SAlt meetings, it is privately owned and they book the room out for free. The Reds hold one or two meetings a week there and on average they attract about 30 people {so too many for direct action, barricades and the like unless i do a massive mobilisation} any ideas on how to chuck them out of this traditional working class pub? It would be a nice feather in the hat."

Any ideas indeed!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Fuck, I'll help them if they like. They're going to need all the help they can get.

Massive mobilisation?

Don't make me laugh. They can barely get 10 nazis to their protests. How do they expect to barricade a pub?


Breaking News!

Apparently even skinheads can dig Dr. Sexenheimer, as evidenced by this MSN conversation:

Nazism-what better way to rid the world of all the walking wast? says:
love your work btw
Nazism-what better way to rid the world of all the walking wast? says:
the Police/safeway stuff

How do you like that for an ego wall, DREADNOUGHT? Huh? How many skinheads have youse all impressed?

I am, I'd like to think, the king of impressing skinheads.


Despite my wide skinhead fandom, however, I will be the first to admit that I suck. Suck bad. Okay, the last four or so have sucked.

I can't be too self-deprecating, or I'll lose the all-important political support of young Tom/Justin who you will note commented before I wrote this bit.

What sort of impact will the Justin/Sexenheimer coalition have on the world of politics? Only time will tell, but I'm sure it will involve some sort of homemade bomb... These things always do.

The point is, every shithouse post takes me one step further from the greatest entry of all time.

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