Avant garde, no?

Well..... it's been a while since I've written anything worth reading in this stupid thing.

Well, okay, it's just the last two posts that have been shithouse... but considering that that's all I've thrown in in about a week.... IT'S TIME FOR SOMETHING FANTASTIC.

But it's hard to be fantastically witty when you are so busy what with infiltrating this and exposing that, and the other one... What's the other one?

... .... Okay, I'm running this little baby on 28.8k, so while it may be instantaneous to you, I have to wait five minutes while the answer loads.

IDENTIFY? That's fucking weak.

But, oh well... Identify, infiltrate, expose.

It's the sort of thing that keeps you busy, by Jove!

But! We can multi-task! Dig us multi-tasking like madmen!

And now... the comedy stylings of Dr. Cam Sexenheimer:

So, anyway, I got my period the other day.


All lies.

Let's start over.

Fuck... Well, it's not happening.

Fuck this. I'm just going to google some wack-ass shit and call it funny.

Firstly, this is the second entry for 'the dancing lines of Waverly burn.'

I hope this Google search referral thing confuses and infuriates this blog-owner. Hahahaha... what does that even mean... Tommy Mackay, you fiend? WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN?


Now, diamonds are hard to track, and fucking easy to smuggle (especially if you have a cool hangout like Skull Island, the island shaped like a skull).

Imagine if you were in a situation where you might say, 'I can't even smuggle diamonds propery.'

Can you imagine that situation... Dr. Grosz can.

Well, he can't... I haven't actually put any of these babies in inverted commas... we're just using random words here.

But Dr. Grosz is cool. Firstly, like me, he is probably not really a doctor.

Secondly, like me, his name has cool letters in it. For example, Z.

Z is almost as cool as an X. Perhaps even as cool. If his name was Dr. Max Grosz, I would kidnap him, and I would also kidnap David Duchovny.

Then I would put on QUITE a show.

Also, Bob Geldof as The Hitch-hiker.

For sure, my negro friends. For sure.

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