Avant garde, no?

I solved the mystery of Entry 125 which now has had over 400 hits... That's like... fifty hits on it today.


Well! I thought it was to do with it mentioning such things as Andrew Wilson, the Patriotic Youth League, and Triple J.

Which doesn't make a lot of sense, right.... cos who would search for that now that the PYL is through? It's the sort of thing that you might have expected months ago...

BUT! Having reached the 400 mark, I felt it wouldn't hurt to give the post a closer inspection, and I found it also mentioned Bonus Bonez, a spam company... a google for said company has me at number three.

So... Bonus Bonez, eh?

The owner of Bonus Bonez is, according to some, the Chairman of the South Carolina Republican party according to some guy on the internet... (I'm playing fast and loose with grammatical convention)

I did a search for the Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party... and Craig Gagnon was listed.

Running a spam company seems like the sort of thing the Chairman of the South Carolina Repulican Party would do... something so evil and insidious... but perhaps I was too quick to jump to conclusions.

A quick google for Craig Gagnon reveals this articley thing... in which Gagnon is described as an "affable chiropractor."

http://www.splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp?pid=669 - you'll have to paste that one in, the link won't work for some reason.

He also tries to negotiate armed nuts out of a siege situation... something about him suggested that perhaps he wasn't running a spam company.

This is a pity, cos the guy who is has a much harder surname to spell:

"After doing some extremely intense search of the bible code using a computer I built myself to minute specs to ensure I had the ultimate machine I couldn't find anywhere I came across an extremely startling revelation that literally scared the daylights out of me. Before someone scoffs at my findings because I say I built my own computer built to my specs, let me say I didn't build this just to run the bible code software but because I wanted the best there is. Anyway the code software was so shocking in the reality of it that it was unreal!! It told me I was going to be a spammer and that one day I was going to die. Is this prophetic or what? I hope others are just as shocked as I am about this revelation since I am indeed a spammer since I run producttestpanel.com and that one day I will die!" - Brian Benenhaley

Somehow I don't think Brian actually wrote that... but...

Brian Benehaley is a spammer. Brian Benenhaley is involved in the South Carolina government.

So, there you go... BonusBonez, producttestpanel.com... they're all the same thing.

Why did I even care about this?

Oh, right... my inbox was filling up with Christian Dating offers and FREE PS2S! from Bonus Bonez.

So - if you've gotten a spammy McEmail from BonusBonez and googled them to find out what the deal was, I can assure you that, from my research, I'm sure that any offer of free iPod/PS2/DVD players they make are totally a scam.


My old man turned 35 yesterday. At least, that's how old he said he turned...

The point is, circumstances stemming from his birthday-y goodness led to me being at the home of my grandparents.

My grandfather was in another room.

I was sitting at the table with my grandmother.

Grandmother: So, how was your week?
Me: Blah blah Motorcycle Diaries blah Back at Work blah blah. How was your week?
Grandmother: This and that and this and other grandmotherly activities such as going places and seeing things.

Then my grandfather came into the room.

Me: And what did you get up to this week, Grandpa?
Grandfather: Well, we brought in a big haul of ecstacy... that almost caused some problems - but we got it all through. A bit of heroin, a bit of coke - but that's all small time stuff. Ecstacy's where the real money is.
Grandmother: What he doesn't know is that I'm informing on him to the pigs for the FABULOUS PRIZES. (she made a sweeping gesture with her arms to indicate how fabulous the prizes were).
Grandfather: Yeah, I had to deal with some informers too. With a chainsaw.
Grandmother: Yeah, and you didn't clean it either!

What the hell?


I went out with SteveSteve for a drive in his automobile last night... we couldn't think of anything to do, so we went to the Valindrome and smoked some pot and talked about what all the people who got expelled from our year level at school were doing now, all these years later.

From a post-it note I found stuck to my chest this morning: "live by the sword, die by the sword. don't worry, this didn't make any sense last night either."

Nice one, Stoned Cam.

Other things I rememember are:

1. Coming to the following conclusion: "Hey Steve, how do they know when we've done a full rotation around the sun... how long a quote unquote year is... the stars... I think not! It's fucking bullshit... our whole fucking calendar is an elaborate Mayan lie. Fuck those Mayan fuckers!"

2. SteveSteve was staring at the recessed clock dealy on the dashboard.

"Has that always been there?" he wondered aloud.
"Yeah," I said, "that was there before the fucking car. Cars fucking evolve from car clocks, dude... and car clocks evolve from pebbles."

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