Avant garde, no?

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And now back to our regular programming:

I was tempted to write an entry in ye olde blogge here yesterday, but held off cos I am an intellectual sort of the highest calibre, and it basically would have been a little essay about testicles.

My testicles.

Hanging loose in my poor choice of undergarment - boxers.

Hanging too loose.


I am simply too intellectual and other synonyms.


Okay, so I'd decided to wear boxers... it wasn't really a conscious decision - I just reached into ye olde underweare drawere and picked them out.

Ha! This is a comedic mislead! I *do* actually have something else to write about.


Okay, so, I have this friend, right? And I'd bring the testicle joke back into it, but I think we're at about the point where if I do it again it won't be funny, but if I do it again, like, ten more times, it'll become amusing again. And I'm really too lazy for that. Postmodern and avant garde, no?


Anyway, the real point, the point that we are approaching now, the point we are approaching now with speed is... this:

I have this friend right... Let's call him... oh, I don't know... SteveSteve.

I was at his house last night. We had a conversation.

Cam: Hey SteveSteve.
SS: Yeah?
Cam: You know blogs, right?
SS: Yeah, they're pretty popular.
Cam: I'm, uh, thinking about starting one.
SS: Oh yeah?
Cam: Yeah, I thought I'd write about stuff like stuff and like... all the hijinx we get up to etc.
SS: Not much point now, eh? Vegie's off to Melbourne... hijinx will be rather lowkey.
Cam: Yeah, I should have started it months ago.
SS: Yeah. That would have been cool.
Cam: Yeah... Hey Steve.
SS: Yeah?
Cam: I did.
SS: What?
Cam: All that.
SS: Yeah, I know.

Motherfucker! I've always written this on the basis that the people I was writing about (Vegie and SteveSteve) would be reading it... Hell, I address them/insult them directly at various points... but, I must admit, I'd never actually mentioned it to any of them until last night. I had updated it at Vegie's though, so I kind of assumed that he would have seen it... and Steve had seen it at Vegie's too apparently I'm told after the fact, so that was that problem solved.

I was going to tell them about it when I started it, but they have a theory about me.

It is a theory that is not backed up by any evidence whatsoever.

It is a stupid theory. A ridiculous theory.

Okay, so I can't remember the theory.


I wrote it down once... let me see if I can find it... let's see... pogo stick... yo-yo collection... stamp book... Ah, here it is!

SteveSteve and Vegie think that I go through faddish phases.


They think I get started on stuff and don't follow through.


This is all cos when I was at NASA, back in le day, my female co-workers got, how do I put this.... really fucking bored, and decided to put dreadlocks in my ebullient hair.

Vegie and SteveSteve didn't think I had the commitment to stick to the dreadlock regimen.

They were right... but DAMMIT! It took a lot of painful commitment to get those fuckers out, right!


Oh, right... yeah, I didn't tell them about the blog when I first started it, cos they would have accused me of not being able to follow through, and when they saw that I would, they would have killed me so they'd be proven right. And then I would have been dead. Dead madstylez.

I couldn't tell them about the blog... and then, well, I did a lot of drugs and I just kept on forgetting to bring it up, and by the time I rememebered to bring it up, we were 139 posts down, which is quite a big number, and the question of why I hadn't brought it up earlier when I was slandering them sixways to Sunday could have possibly come up, but it didn't.

So, the end.

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