Avant garde, no?

If you're not living life on the edge, you're taking up too much room.

I received a lot of fascinating SMS's this afternoon: Nazis, secret government projects, pirates*... but the one I found most disturbing was from SteveSteve.

It read:

Hunter S. Thompson is dead.

I replied: Jesus. By what cruel twist of fate?

He replied: He took his own life at his Colorado ranch.


Hunter S. Thompson was to my life what Sean Miller was to my license.

When I was younger (so much younger than today-ay-ay... well, not that much younger) I had to obtain a probationary license for the purposes of getting to work in such far-flung places as Moe and Traralgon... there was only one problem.

You know how you're supposed to do X amount of hours of driving before you go for your Ps?

I hadn't. I'd done... maybe half of that.


There was one faint gleam of hopey goodness.

Jelly had his Ps. Jelly was, and remains to this day, a terrible driver.

Hi, Jelly.

No, no, no, no... you misinterpret my words. Jelly can drive great. Just as long as your definition of "great" doesn't include phrases like, "obeying the law" or "road rules."

If Jelly could get his probationary license... hell, anyone could.

Then I remembered that he failed the first time.

But then! Sean Miller got his probationary license, and hell, Sean Miller (whom I first met in a Safeway carpark, wearing a clown suit... he was wearing the suit, not I.) can't even execute a Three Point Turn!

The fact that Miller could obtain a license while holding no basic driving skills whatsoever, gave me hope that I could too.

And likewise, the fact that Hunter S. Thompson could live such a non-stop, balls to the wall life of wild drugs, hard liquour and shiny firearms... live that life, in fact, to the ripe old age of 67... well, it's the kind of thing that gives hope to freaks everywhere.

But now he's gone... Rest in peace, you rottencrotch bastard.

*I'm lying about the pirates.


This is interesting:

I noticed that a blog entry mentioning Andrew Wilson of the PYL had 350 hits... about 100-200 more than most blog entries here...

So, I asked Eli how to see where people were coming from...

Greetings and well-met to the people that were searching for the following things and came away empty-handed:

atomic kitten fanfic
take mikazuchi
watch pippi longstockings
orville sexton
cam sexton
vegie fucking

Hahahaha... Vegie fucking? Oh, you degenerates.

But more hahahahaha: atomic kitten fanfic does exist. I find that concept comforting in these Hunter-less times.

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