Avant garde, no?

Ah, New Zealand... Ah, Palmerston North... what wonders doth you behold!

For seven years they told me there was nothing to do here...

For seven years they warned me off.

I just laughed.

Cos they was joking, you see.

But dig this shit... THEY SIMPLY WERE NOT!

I know. And now I am here. And we must amuse ourselves.

But for how? Also, I'm banned from saying, "Foshizzle."

This cuts our options in half. Into half of a half. A quarter. No, just a half.


We went up to the windfarm yesterday, Leigh, Harriet and I... it made us dizzy when we looked up.

All these hippies are all up ons inre: visual pollution back in the motherland, but they look fucking awesome. Also, they make you kind of dizzy when you look up from directly beneath them.

That's pretty much it. We're either going to Owlcatraz (an owl zoo) or the science museum later. Or we'll steal the crucifix from behind the church where Leigh's little sister went to a youth group once.

Ahahahahaha. Guess what we're going to do, Emilio Estevez.


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