Avant garde, no?

Leigh writes:

Also, I hear there was an amusing tale in Courtney's house re: you. "Dad, you know I'm going to Wellington on Monday, right?"
"How come?"
"With Leigh and Harriet to pick up Cam."
"Ohh, Dr Sexenheimer?"

At which point Courtney's mother says, "...WHAT?!"



So, as you may have possibly noticed, I'm off to New Zealand: Home of sheep, Kyle "Love Me Tender, Love Me True" Chapman and some sort of savoury lollypop called a Richtenbleen.

Also, my New Zealand "buds" Leigh, Courtney, and Harriet.

I first met Leigh a couple of months ago, in a Yahoo! teen advice chatroom.

We hit it off really well, emails and stuff, and even a phone call (she has this really sexy deep voice) and she suggested that I come over and visit her.

She said she had a BIG surprise for me. I can't wait to find out what it is! It's gonna be awesome, I bet!

Anyway, in anticipation of needing clothes in New Zealand at some point, I went shopping for clothes after work today... and where does one go clothes shopping when one is not quite destitute but well on their way?

Fucking K-Mart, mate.

Buying shirts is hard. One must try and walk that thin line between dressing like a bogan, and dressing like a silly duffer... I think I may have just managed it.

Well, that's it from me... I'm going to go finish getting ready for my BIG SURPRISE!!! Leigh has told me to shave - I dunno, she said she wanted me to look younger, kind of weird, but OKAY!

Later, guyz!


Hahahahaha... Sucked in, foolz. This post is full to the brim with lies. To the fucking brim!

If you've been paying attention, you'll remember me meeting Leigh in Sydney back in February 04, having known her for 5 or so years previous. Still, I've been planning on writing all this Yahoo! Chatroom prankery since the start of the month. It was as good as I had imagined. That is, not very good.


In other news, I was once again pleased by something not all that fantastic today...

About a month and a half ago, I made these nine ads, right.

All the same ad (pretty fucking classy one too) just with different store details on the tag.

Anyway, when we make an ad, we give it a keynumber - this is a little number we give stuff for the TV stations to use and stuff.

Anyway! Today I had to make revisions to those nine ads, which meant nine new keynumbers.

But dig this... We had made exactly 200 ads since we made the first one of these a couple of months ago... so I just had to change one number on all of my clapperboards. It was fucking awesome.

Yeah, I knew you wouldn't understand.

Speaking of which, if I write 58 more words, my statistics are going to look fucking awesome.


I feel like a radio presenter who has fucked up and has to fill in a couple of minutes before the news kicks in.

This is kind of messed up. I mean... who cares? Well, me. There we go.

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