Avant garde, no?

Update: Oh, yeah, and I'm on the radio tonight... Latrobe Valley and greater Latrobe area... 104.7 9pm-10.30pm. Listen in for awesome punk, metal and me.


Lalalalalala, wasn't doing anything at all.


Then Vegie called.

Vegie: Hey man, watcha doing?
Cam: Something mysterious.
Vegie: Oh yeah, anyway, it's my birthday today.
Cam: No, it's not.
Vegie: I assure you, dude, it is.

Well, he assured me... I can't argue with that.

And thus I found myself abandoning my post as Doing Nothing Genius... and well... GOING TO SEE END OF THE CENTURY which is that new Ramones movie, and boy... boy was it great.

I think I ended up at a jazz bar at some point after that, it's all a bit of a blur.

Blah blah blah... blah... blah... This entry is like c'est redundant due to a change in strategy... my entire weekend has been taken up by something I can't talk about yet, so... yeah... read the previous post. Or read this one.

I think it's from New Year's Eve... it has a lot of drugs in it.

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