Avant garde, no?

My SMS folder is full again, so it's time to empty it.

Firstly, one from Eli, from today:

"Restoration of the rest of mjec.net 'restored' yours to old malfunctioning version. Fixed now, forever!"

It better be! Hahahaha, that's an idle threat, I mean, what could I do. He's in TASMANIA! Plus, he's cool.


Leigh writes: "Tonite my manager drank a litre of custard. To prove he could. Then he said '...I feel weird.' Was fucking hilarious. His name? Also Cam."

Oh, Cam, I know the feeling.


She also writes: "Congratulate me - I just ruined what heretofore had been the 'best Xmas ever.' Knew I shuda stayed home and got tipsy."

Oh, it's so true. She really did. For all the very juicy details, read her "Yule Log" which is frankly the most spanktastic Christmas blog name of all time.

That's not a fucking suggestion, you maggot. THAT'S A FUCKING ORDER!

Harriet, of course, only had one thing on her mind. Sex:

"Can you bring me poptarts when you come over??"

You whore, what do you think I am? Some sort of sex-robot, built for your sexual pleasure? Out of sexy metals, like titanium and rock hard iron?

Or maybe she just wanted me to bring her poptarts... I'm not sure. I'm not sure of anything anymore.


Eli said (from Falls presumably): "Happy 2005! I wouldn't bother with resolutions... Except my reso to take more drugs this year. Wewt."

That's like the opposite of my NYE resolution, only I broke mine within the first few hours of 2005. Oh, well, obla dee obla DAH.


Leigh says - Courtney: "Any idea that starts with 'we have to beat Cam's record' has got to be a bad idea." She wants me to consume a large quantity of V."

Wiser words have never been spoken.

ERA-FUCKING-SE! Damn, man, we're going places.

And that is fucking that. Say, that reminds me, I never got around to telling you all about the time Vegie and Steve and I hotwired a forklift - it was while the blog was down, and...

Oh, well, I better be off.

No, I'm just kidding, I wouldn't leave you in suspense like that!

Or would I?

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