Avant garde, no?

And we're back!

Right on, Eli, my man - even if your SMS just about made me fall over. I thought I'd left my phone in another office... as it happened, it was right behind my head.


Back online.

Wow. Suddenly, all this amazing power at my fingertips again. Again!

Unfortunately, all I have to recount is the following dream... Oh, and my Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve reports, which will be along shortly.


So, there I am. On a plane.

Wheeeee! I'm going to New Zealand or something - who knows why the hell I'd be having a dream about that?

Anyway, I'm on this plane, and the trip hasn't been too shabby. Not too shabby at all. But then it comes time to land, and we seem to be not quite in the right position to be landing.

That is, we're flying in amongst the trees that are inexplicably all over Wellington airport.

We fly through some little branches and then.... BAM! We hit a trunk with the left wing, and the fucker comes right off. This sends us into something of a spinning crash. I don't know if anyone else survived, but I ended up hanging from a ledge some distance away. A windowy ledge.

SteveSteve was behind the window.

"Hang on!" he advised, "I'll go and get a book about climbing through windows!"

While he looked for the book, I climbed through the window without professional guidance.

"How the hell did you do that?" Steve wondered, his mouth agape in amazement.

"Never mind that," I said, "I better call Leigh and let her know I'm alive."

Bringbring. Bringbring.

That's the phone ringing, you twits.

Leigh answered the phone,

"Leigh, it's me."
"Me! Cam!"
"Oh, right. What's up?"
"I've been in a bit of a plane crash, but I'm okay."
"You are? CURSES!"
"Don't you get it, my feeble-brained friend... I planted those trees... TO KILL YOU!"

Okay, everything after "I've been in a bit of plane crash, but I'm okay." I made up.

What she actually said was: "Oh. We're running a bit late. See you later."



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