Avant garde, no?

I got home last night, to face some good news and some bad news.

I asked for the bad news first: My repaired head gasket wasn't ready yet, so my car's fixing would have a slight delay.

Not particularly bad news, really. Just inconvenient.

The good news: My tax return was finally back, to the tune of somewhere in the vicinity of $700. Oh, thank you, Tax Office! You've always been there for me when I needed you.

This isn't particularly good news, either. I mean, it's my fucking money. It's just convenient.

Anyway, I figured I had somewhere in the vicinity of $200 already in the bank, so this would bring me up to $900, and I could make up the other $100 I need for my inevitable $1000 car repair bill somehow. Perhaps through sexual favours?

Or perhaps through borrowing moneys. Rodriguez X still owes me $30, so that would have taken care of a big chunk there.

Anyway, I went to the bank to retrieve my precious moneys, but the ATM was a-closed. So I ventured inside, and having forgotten that it was, what, 10am, and I only thought it felt like 1 because I had gotten up at FIVE AGAIN, I was genuinely surprised that I didn't have to wait in line. I went up to the bank chick and she swiped my card and she said, "How much do you want to take out?" and I said, "How much do I have?" and she said, "Thirteen Fifty Six." And I said, "Thirteen Fifty Six as in Thirteen Dollars and Fifty Six cents?" and she says, "No, as in $1356." I was like, "Oh YEAH! I'll have a thousand dollars, please miss." And she says, "Do you want that in fifties?" and I'm like, "Why not? Do you have any hundreds?" and she says, "No, we're all out."

Anyway, then she goes and gets the money, and when she comes back, she has TEN ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR NOTES. I'm like, "Alright."

Things were finally looking up.

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