Avant garde, no?

"Poor bastard. Getting teeth removed in the dentist chair is as painful as life gets. Any women of the female type who start hollering "Childbirth!" can pipe down right now. You have 32 teeth in your mouth, have you had 32 babies? I THINK NOT" - World Wide Weird.

Ahahahahahahaa... It's so true!

Anyway, I had a dream with vampires in it... and experimentation on vampires.

In my dream, helpfully, vampires would turn to dust of a daytime. This is normal vampire behaviour.

However, in my dream, they'd do it anywhere. So nobody could stake them while they were sleeping.

For some reason, I wondered what would happen if you took that dust, mixed it in with water, and froze it. Why? I don't know.

I did it. Next day, blood red ice. Squish.

I had some other experiment I wanted to try out too, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was now...

Anyway, for whatever reason, I was now at some sort of shopping outlet - like a mall or something. I had my jar of bloody ice. I just had to get back to the lab... this would require driving... so I had to get to the carpark. As I walked, I was joined by my friend Heidi.

I explained about the bloody jar, and started to tell her about my idea for the next experiment, but for some reason, I decided to wait until later... "I'll explain this back at the lab," I told her.

As we walked into the parking area, I was surprised to see that some poor sap's car had been crushed from above by a huge chunk of concrete.

"Poor bastard," said Heidi, sympathetically.

I concurred with a nod or something of that ilk. We turned the corner. My car had also been crushed. It was totalled.

Attached to the windscreen was a note explaining something - I tried to read it, but it crumbled to dust in my hands.

I dropped my jar of bloody ice in shock and woke up.

It was 5:55. My alarm was set for 5:56. Good timing, no?

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