Avant garde, no?

Well, well, well...

Is it possible that TWO people who read The Spin Starts Here are named Ben?

Or is it just some overly-elaborate commie plot.

I refer, of course, to "Ben" (who described me as "dashing" and my eyes as "strangely compelling") and Bendle7 (who once penned me a 3000 word love sonnet entitled, "Cam, my heart beateth as a butterfly's wings.")

What? Lies? Take that back. They did, I'm sure of it!

Unfortunately, attempts to ascertain whether they are indeed seperate entities have been hampered by The Spin Starts Here's impenetrable fortress.

A Conclusion!

Ben writes: "Sup, yo? I ain't no Bendle7, cracka, you squizzle?"

Oh, I squizzle, allright, you fiend. I squizzle til' the cows come home.

Obviously, there are two people called Ben, working together to kill and gut me, for the purposes of removing my delicious spinal fluids.